4 types set + free gift 【Speciality】Ryuku-Bingata Karate charm

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Great gift for your Family, friends, and children!

4 types of Karate charm + free gift of tin badge

【Ryuku-Bingata Charm】

Size:Length 7cm、 Width 4cm
Colorful Okinawa rail is drawn on the charm by Bin-gata designer Taeko Kaneshiro.
Kaneshiro-san, parent and child learn about Karate together, and made Kadare Ryukyu-Bingata charm.

All of them are hand-dyed, cut and manufactured,
so they only can produce 100 in a month.
The designer put her thought in the Okinawan traditional charm 「Ma-su(salt)bag」
which is one of Karate master's words ”Golden words” in the charm, meaning of you
"protect" by yourself.

The seal is a black motif of black belt of Karate
「沖縄空手(Okinawa karate)」word is printed on the back side of charm.

Highly recommended as a gift for someone you would like to support,
also if you are trying something new,
or to enjoy the handmade bingata charm.

【A set of 4 types of charm!】

〇Upper block
Chojun Miyagi
「It ’s based on the fact that it ’s not getting hit by people and it ’s not hit people.」

〇Middle punch
Sokon Matsumura
「Samurai respect God speed」

〇Training with Sai
Choki Motobu
「Everything is natural and change. The stance is in the heart, not outside」

〇Hina trains with Chishi
Chotoku Kyan
「If the karate skills that you have learned over the years are wasted throughout your life, be aware that the purpose of karate training has been achieved.」

【Introducing how they came up with making 「Karate charms」

Introducing how they came up with making 「Karate charms」,
such as process of Bingata, getting support all over the places and about designer.
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