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Facility introduction

Facility introduction

Special dojo "Shurei no Yakata"

Special Dojo "Shurei no Yakata"

Karate dojo

Karate Dojo

Training room

Training room

KARATE Archive

KARATE Archive

Dojo facilities

Special dojo "Shurei no Yakata"

It is a dojo made of "red tile roof" and "wooden wall" that reveals the birthplace of karate. It is a facility that enhances dignity and can be used for promotion tests for high-ranking people and performances such as karate days, distinguishing it from general use. (91㎡)

Karate dojo

A dojo for karate with 4 competition courts. With 380 seats, it can be used not only for karate competitions and events, but also for events other than karate. There is also a wheelchair-only bleacher on the 2nd floor. (1,278㎡)

Training room

This room is for training and training in karate. Karate training equipment can also be rented and can be used for small group karate programs. (185㎡)

Outdoor training ground

It is a plaza located between the dojo facility and the exhibition facility. It can be used not only for karate events but also for local events other than karate. (Approximately 750㎡)

Special dojo front yard

While feeling the blue sky, sea, and wind of Okinawa that can be seen from the hill, practice different from everyday



沖縄空手に関連するセミナーなどの座学、空手関係者の集会や会議だけでなく、ダンスレッスンやイベント会場など、幅広く利用することができます。(195㎡ x 2室)









Reference room / Seminar room

Reference room (charged)

We display a wide range of information about Okinawa karate, from specialized information for karateka to content for beginners and the general public. There is also a "Karate Experience Corner" and a "Video Theater" where you can easily learn about karate.

Seminar room

It can be widely used not only for lectures such as seminars related to Okinawa karate, meetings and conferences related to karate, but also for dance lessons and event venues. (195㎡ x 2 rooms)

conference room

It can be used for a wide range of small meetings, lectures, event venues, etc. (43㎡)

Reading room

You can read books about karate for free. Please complete the procedure at the entrance.

Search corner

You can search various information about Okinawa for free, such as the Okinawa Karate Kaikan and the Okinawa Prefecture website.

Cafes, shops, etc.

Karate Café AGARI

[Business Hours] 11: 00-17: 00 (14:30 Last Order)
At Karate Cafe Agari, you can enjoy delicious homemade noodles "Karate Soba", pork eggs, new menus, etc. that can only be eaten here. You can enjoy cafe time such as coffee.


We sell goods such as Okinawa Karate Kaikan original T-shirts and bags that are recommended as souvenirs, as well as beverages.

Click here for online shop
shower room

You can use the shower that can adjust the water temperature for 3 minutes with one medal (100 yen). Please feel free to use it not only for those who use the facility, but also for those who sweat after exercising or taking a walk outside.

locker room

There is a space next to the shower room where you can change clothes. The dial locker can be used as a temporary storage (on the day) of valuables and clothes.

Breastfeeding room

There is a nursing room where even those with small children can feel at ease.

Free parking


Free parking is available for up to 100 cars. Because it is a parking lot with facilities, it is very convenient as an event venue.
(Up to 4 large buses are also available)

Usage time / charge

Facility usage time

Opening hours [Exhibition facility] 9: 00-18: 00 (last admission 17:30)
[Dojo facilities] 9:00-21:00
closing day Every Wednesday
December 30-January 3 of the following year
* When Wednesday falls on a national holiday or memorial day, the closed day will be transferred to a day other than the most recent closed day.

Reference room viewing fee

Classification Standard amount (per person)
For individuals For groups
General ¥310 ¥250
High school and college students ¥210 ¥170
Elementary school students and junior high school students ¥100 ¥80

Facility usage fees

Classification Standard amount (per person)
Dojo, Training Room,Seminar room Children and Students 90 yen per person Coupon (11 pieces) 900 yen
General and students 160 yen per person Coupon (11 pieces) 1,600 yen
Senior 90 yen per person Coupon (11 pieces) 900 yen
waiting room 90 yen per room per hour
conference room 180 yen per hour
shower room 100 yen per time
  • * Please check the pdf above for the fees for using the event and the usage fees for other facilities.
  • * Adobe Reader is required to view pdf files. If you don't have Adobe Reader, download it for free here.
Access information

Those who come by car or taxi


Free parking: 100 cars can be parked (for large buses)

●From the prefectural office ... Approximately 10 minutes' drive
●From Okuyama Park Prefectural Budokan ... Approximately 5 minutes' drive
●From Naha Airport ... Approximately 14 minutes' drive
●From the Toyogi IC on the Airport Expressway ... Approximately 7 minutes' drive

* Depending on the time of day, there may be a delay.

Those who use buses and monorails (Yui Rail)

Access from Naha Airport

Yui Rail + bus use ※Transfer at Okuyama Koen Station

Yui Rail
Naha Airport Station
Yui Rail
Okuyama Park Station
a bus stop
In front of Okuyama Park Station(for Toyogi Junior High School)
a bus stop
In front of Toyojo Park
  • (1) Yui Rail: Take the train from Naha Airport Station directly to Naha Airport and get off at "Okuyama Park Station"
  • (2) Route bus: Bus stop near Okuyama Park Station "Okuyama Koen Ekimae" Take a ride for Tokigusu castle junior high school [line number: 101/105]
  • (3) Local bus: Get off at the bus stop "Tongusgusgu Park Mae"
  • (4) Arrive at "Okinawa Karate Kaikan" in 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop

Access from Okinawa Prefectural Budokan

By bus from National Route 58 side

a bus stop
in front of the park(for Kor also, Oroku, and airports)
a bus stop
In front of Toyojo Park
  • (1) Route bus: Take a bus stop "Koen-mae" near Okinawa Prefectural Budokan for Takara, Oroku, and Airport [Line Number: 446]
  • (2) Local bus: Get off at bus stop "Tongusgusgu Park Mae"
  • (3) Arrive at "Okinawa Karate Kaikan" in 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop

By bus from Okuyama Koen Station

a bus stop
in front of the park(for Toyogi Junior High School)
a bus stop
In front of Toyojo Park
  • (1) Route bus: Take a bus stop "Koen-mae" near Okinawa Prefectural Budokan for Takara, Oroku, and Airport [Line numbers: 101 and 105]
  • (2) Local bus: Get off at bus stop "Tongusgusgu Park Mae"
  • (3) Arrive at "Okinawa Karate Kaikan" in 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop

※ For details such as yui rail (Okinawa city monorail) and bus timetable, please check the following official website.

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