★Sending Overseas★ Karate Matching cloth

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The top and bottom are both made from matching cloth.

We think this karate logo and back print are cool.

Please choose from

color : black or gray

size: S, M, L


S size: Length about 63cm Width about 52cm Shoulder width about 44cm Sleeve length about 56cm

M size: Length about 67cm Body width about 55cm Shoulder width about 48cm Sleeve length about 60cm

L size: Length about 71cm Width about 58cm Shoulder width about 52cm Sleeve length about 61cm


S size: Total Length 98cm Waist 72~76cm Inseam 73cm Thickness of Thigh 29cm

M size: Total Length 101cm Waist 76~81cm Inseam 74cm Thickness of Thigh 30cm

L size: Total Length 104cm Waist 81~87cm Inseam 75cm Thickness of Thigh 31cm

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