To put our feelings for them.

The productsis made of “Ryu-kyu bingata”. That is Okinawa traditional dyeing craft. The productswas made thanks to the united efforts of a number of people.

The charm is made of “Ryu-kyu bingata”.

That is designed by Kinjo who is Bingata painter. She painted the charm of a “yanbaru kuina” (Endangered species in Okinawa) doing karate. Actually, her child has been doing karate. Therefore, Ms.Kinjo knows about karate, and designed the charm with theme of karate. The product’s manufacturing process is all handmade. The producer wishes that people have a strong belief and protect yourself with the kugani kotoba. We recommended for people want to try something and interested in bingata. We aregoing to talk about karate charm’s story.
Cute Okinawa rail(yanbaru kuina) motif
1,430(tax included)/1 charm You can buy at online store. Here↓
karate charm
What design is a karate charm?
Front: yanbaru kuina doing karate Back: write kanji 沖縄空手 That mean is Okinawa karate Top:black ribbon (karate black band image) One of the charm is yanbarukuina chick(gray color). Every progress is handmade from dyeing to tying the ribbon.
Let’s carry salt!
The essence of karate in Okinawa and salt.
“Salt bag” is Okinawa traditional charm. Okinawa people think that salt will protect them from harm.

Stand in one’s belief

The producer wishes that people have a Strong belief and Protect yourself.
which do you like?
You can chose up from four types of karate charm.
How to make the Okinawa karate charm?
It is a traditional Okinawan craft.
Many processes are needed to make a ryu-kyu bingata. That is made by careful handwork of craftsman.

Designer introduction

Taeko Kinjo
Ryu-kyu bingata designer. SachikoYahuso(YAHUSObinngata-workshop representative) master’s pupil. Japanese traditional craftsman who has won Japanese recognition. (Contemporary Master Craftsman) The reason she stated got interested in karate because her child has been to after school activities (karate). So, she did deepen her karate knowledge more.
This is Taeko Kinjo’s work of art. She donated that, and hung on Okinawa karatekaikan’s lobby.

-Real story behind the development of a product-by Designer

The reason I stated thinking about make karate charm because I saw that children went to karate tournament. They werevery nervous. I wanted to help them even a little. Karate teacher says that tournament is “show how hard you’ve been practicing”. So, just do it like you always do. I want children to relax, and the charm helps them do their best. I imaged many design. I have chosen a cute mascot. The reason why I want children to relax and return to themselves. I put in the salt and golden words (Dojo Kun) that means don’t be self-conceit. First time, she painted goose, but everyone say “So cute yanbarukuina!” That why I changed design and painted the new yanbarukuina.

How to make Karate charm? Many process of Karate charm

Katabori Make a pattern
Underlay tool is “Rukuju” (dry tofu). Rukuju takes a lot of wear and tear. That has been used since olden days.
Kataoki Pattern print
Painting starch and dry. Carved place of pattern will be printed on cloth. The starch made by sticky rice and bran. So, the starch softness vary with temperature, humidity, and pattern.
Irosashi Paint
Bingata usually paint color twice time. First painting, decide to color scheme. After dry, painting second time. We print the cloth with color.
Kumadori Shading
Make shading on colored patterns. Using two types brushes (paintingcolor and printing). Shading makes pattern three-dimension.
Karashi Drying
Hung the charms out in the strong Okinawa sun to dry.
Mizumoto Rinse
After few days, Rinse starch and impurities with a lot of water for 4~5hour. I am excited about the pattern color of the charm appears. We need special care to the work. This work need a lot of water. That why making bingata is developed in Shuri city (abundant spring water).
after paint
Next process To finish made by hand
In Support for continuous employment - Type B services Process: Cutting,Sewing, stuff a charm with cotton, tie a black ribbon

What is Support for continuous employment - Type B services?

The social work service provides job training for a person with a disabilities to help them find employment. They can get skills, and find what one is good at. The work fee is paid to the support center. They can get every wage.

A little more power

After arrived for Okinawa Karate Kaikan, We prayed in “Tomise Utaki”.
Tomise Utaki
It is place where ancestors are enshrined as gods in Ryukyu. They are protecting symbol in the area. So, Okinawan people think there are sacred place. People pray for rain or festival in Ryukyu.
The power of your ancestors
pray at Utaki
Every Karate charm is prayed in Toyoseutaki. Donate part of the profits from sales to Toyoseutaki’s environmental sustainability.
I want to talk more!

Other initiatives

Contributes to solving social problems
Donate part of the profits from sales to organization which is helping child and women poverty.

Do you know? Karate and Ryukyu bingata have a common point.

The process of Katadori, we use Rukuju. That is made by dry tofu. Therefore, here’s a story. Bingata craftsman used to make an Okinawan tofu. On the other hand, Okinawa traditional karate usearms. Daily goods were used for arms. One of the arms “Tonfa”, the origin is tool (stone mill handle) for make a tofu. Actually, Okinawa karate and Ryukyu bigata related to Okinawa tofu. So, Okinawan daily culture(making tofu) is very important for karate and bingata. Bingata has something in common with karate.
Bugu Tonfa

How is the karate charm story?

We talk a lot of karate charm story. Thank you for reading. We hope that you will like the item.