Okinawa Karate Kaikan Online Seminar

Released for a limited time until March 2021!

This is an online karate seminar video created under the theme of "Direct communication from parents to children and from masters to disciples"!

You can also see the teacher's thoughts on karate and the message to the children who will lead the future!

Lecturer introduction

Akihito Yagi

Born in 1977
International Meibukan Go-Juryu Karatedo Federation
General Headquarters Yagi Dojo Chairman
In 1980, he studied under his grandfather Meitoku Yagi and started karate.
In 2007, he became the current chairman of the Yagi Dojo, General Headquarters of the International Federation of Meibukan Go-Juryu Karatedo.
Currently, his father, Meitatsu Yagi, the second So-ke of the International Federation of Meibukan Go-Juryu Karatedo
Under the guidance, we are working with Akihiro Yagi, Vice President of the Federation, to further popularize and develop karate in Japan and overseas.

Ippei Yagi

Born in 1977
Okinawa Karatedo Goju-ryu Naminoue Meibukan Yagi Dojo Director
In 1982, he studied under his grandfather Meitoku Yagi and started karate.
In 2000, he established the Okinawa Karatedo Goju-ryu Naminoue Meibukan Yagi Dojo and became the director.
He has participated in more karate competitions since he was a student, and has many wins and prizes.
Seven children, who will succeed him, also started karate from an early age and played an active part in various competitions.
My own experience while respecting the spread, development and tradition of Okinawa Karate inherited from my grandfather and father
We are making efforts to foster the healthy development of young people and human resources who can contribute to society by actively participating in various types and kumite competitions.

* Lecturer assistant Ryuhei Yagi

Born in 2000, Ippei's eldest son.
He studied under Ippei from an early age and started karate.
According to Mr. Ippei's policy, he has participated in various competitions regardless of school and has achieved excellent results.

Mitsutada Iha

Born in 1971
Ryukyu Kobudo Ryu-konkai General Headquarters Director
In 1976, he began studying karate and kobudo under his father Kotaro Iha.
In 2003, he became the director of the Ryukyu Kobudo Ryu-konkai Syudoukan General Headquarters.

He has participated in many international competitions of traditional Okinawan Kobudo, and has achieved many excellent results such as winning and winning prizes.

Not only in Okinawa and Japan, but also in the United States, Australia, Argentina, Italy, etc., he has been a lecturer at seminars on traditional Okinawan martial arts, and is working to spread traditional ancient martial arts worldwide.

Akihito Yagi commentary on Sanchin

Akihito Yagi Commentary on Gekisai ichi

Ippei Yagi Commentary on Sanchin

Ippei Yagi Commentary on Seipai

Mitsutada Iha commentary on Bou Fukyugata

Mitsutada Iha commentary on Sai