[To karateka] Notice of extension of visitor satisfaction improvement project

In the case of use by weekday karate training, which has been implemented since November, the period of "Visitor Satisfaction Improvement Project", which exempts the use fee of the dojo, will be extended to February 19.

Karateka, please use it for lessons while avoiding the crowds.

* We also accept personal use.


Details are as follows ↓ ↓ ↓

Target period: Weekdays from November 16 , 2020 to February 19, 2021 ( excluding closed days on Wednesdays)

Time: Available from 11 o'clock to 14 o'clock in 2 hours

Reservation method: Visit, submit application by email or fax * Same-day reservation is also available

Facilities subject to usage fee exemption: Karate Kaikan Dojo (total use area 1278㎡, capacity 70 people) * Other facilities such as training rooms are not eligible

* Exemption is only for facility usage fees. Normal charges will apply for the use of other equipment.

Organizations subject to usage fee exemption (for organizations / individuals who meet all of the following)

  • Groups / individuals who practice karate by wearing karate clothes.
  • Groups / individuals who are allowed to observe karate lessons.
  • Groups / individuals who can cooperate in implementing corona infection prevention measures.
  • Groups / individuals who can cooperate in filling out the questionnaire after use
  • Organizations / individuals who have permission to publish "Practice at the Karate Kaikan Dojo" on the Karate Kaikan HP and SNS

Precautions for use

・ Basically, advance reservation is required, but if there is a vacancy on the day, you can use it by applying on the day.

・ One application form is required for each use. (Application form can be obtained from Karate Kaikan HP)

・ When applying, please fill in the application form to the effect that you made a reservation using this demonstration experiment, or inform the Karate Kaikan staff by phone or e-mail.

・ Please fill in the infection prevention measures checklist on the day of use.

* Depending on your physical condition on the day, you may be asked to refrain from using the service. note that.

・ Please refrain from practicing kumite from the viewpoint of preventing coronavirus infection.

・ If there are multiple applicants, one side will be used.

・ The exemption is only for facility usage fees. Normal charges will apply for the use of other equipment.

・ Eating and drinking is prohibited in the dojo. Please use the aisles and lobbies outside the dojo for eating and drinking.