Request: Cooperation in prevention of new coronavirus infection and spread

2021 January 23,

Okinawa Karate Kaikan designated management

Okinawa Karate Promotion Vision Promotion Partners

Request: Cooperation in prevention of new coronavirus infection and spread

To prevent infection in the Okinawa Karate Kaikan, and above all to prevent the users themselves

Please use the service after strictly observing the following points for a while.

  1. Request to customers

( 1 ) Admission restrictions: In order for our customers to use our facilities with peace of mind, we cannot use our facilities in the following cases. The organizer must check the physical condition of all users.

・ Those who have a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher on the day of use.

・ Symptoms of colds such as fever exceeding normal temperature and sore throat in cough ・ Dullness (malaise) Difficulty in breathing (difficulty in breathing) Those who have abnormal taste or smell.

・ Close contact with people who are positive for coronavirus infection, and contact with people who are suspected of being infected by family members or close acquaintances


・ Those who have traveled to or have close contact with the resident in a country or region that requires immigration restrictions, post-entry observation period, within the past 14 days.

・ Those who have had a medical examination or taken medicine due to fever or cold symptoms within the past 14 days.

( 2 ) Measures against infectious diseases

・ Please strictly observe the restrictions on the number of people using each facility.

・ Please wear a mask while you are moving or exercising in the museum, including when you enter the museum.

* Exercise wearing a mask may result in hypoxia due to difficulty in breathing. Exercise while taking breaks frequently.

・ Avoid three crowds (dense, close, sealed), open the doors and windows of the facility you are using, and ventilate frequently.

・ Please disinfect your hands when you enter the museum. The organizer should bring masks and disinfectant goods to prevent infection of users.

・ Please ensure proper management of the list, etc. so that participants can be tracked in case of infection. If a positive person occurs in the facility user and the health center contacts us, we will contact the organizer.