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About the facilities

Okinawa Karate Kaikan
's 6 Roles

"Karate" has its roots in Okinawa but it is now said to have enthusiasts around the world.
Okinawa Karate Kaikan's 6 roles are to preserve,
inherit and develop Okinawan Karate as a unique culture whilst telling people both in and outside Japan that
"Okinawa is the birthplace of Karate," and to be a facility that can be used as a place to learn the essence of Karate.

  • Contribution to character building (valuing civility)
  • Telling people
    that it is the birthplace
    of Karate
  • Contact among
    each school inside
    the prefecture and inside/outside the country
  • Cultivating trainers
    and successors
  • Passing on the essence of Karate
  • Promoting training
    on Okinawa,
    the home of Karate

Okinawa Karate Kaikan
's 3 facilities

Dojo facility

  • 道場イメージ
  • 道場イメージ
  • 道場イメージ


This is a dojo for Karate with 4 courts for competition.There are 380 seats for visitors, and it can be used for Karate competitions and events, of course, as well as functions for activities besides Karate. On the 2nd floor there are special viewing seats for wheelchairs. (1,278 ㎡)


Training room

A room for the purpose of Karate training and exercising. Karate training tools can also be rented, and it can also be used for Karate programs with a small number of participants. (185 ㎡)


Seminar room

Can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as lectures in the form of seminars related to Okinawan Karate, gatherings and conferences of people associated with Karate, as well as for things besides Karate such as dance and other lessons and as an event venue. (195 ㎡ x2 rooms)

Exhibition facility

  • 展示施設イメージ
  • 展示施設イメージ
  • 展示施設イメージ

Reference room (paid entry)

We exhibit items related to Okinawan Karate. We exhibit a wide variety of items, from specialized information aimed at Karatekas, to content aimed at beginners and ordinary visitors. There is also a Karate experience corner and an image theater, where you can learn about Karate in a casual manner.



We sell original goods that can only be purchased here.


Restaurant Soba Tokoro Ti

This is a space where you can purchase and enjoy food and drink.


Information/AV corner

You can search free of charge the websites of Okinawa Karate Kaikan, Okinawa Prefecture and others, for a variety of information on Okinawa.


Research Reading Room

Visitors can read Karate books free of charge. Please sign in at the front entrance of the research room.

Other facilities

  • その他施設イメージ
  • その他施設イメージ
  • その他施設イメージ

Special dojo (Shurei Hall)

A dojo made with a red tiled roof symbolizing the status of Okinawa as the birthplace of Karate and wooden walls. Separate from ordinary use, it can be used for tests of promotion to a higher rank (dan) of high level practitioners and other demonstrations and displays for the Karate Day. (91 ㎡)


Outside training area

A square located between the dojo and exhibition facilities. It can be used for Karate events, of course, but also for local events related to things besides Karate.


Parking area

Parking is available for 100 normal cars and 4 motor coaches.


Conference room


Shower room


Nursing room

Guide map of the facilities